A Revolutionary Hypercar
Built for the 21st Century

Czinger represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering, art and technology⁠-⁠based design. Inspired by the Fastest Air⁠-⁠Breathing Manned Aircraft. The 21C combines road-legal street use with dominating track performance. With lift-to-drag of 3.5:1, the 21C generates over 2000kg of downforce at 190mph.

Hybrid powertrain

1250 hp


2.88 liter twin turbo V8


4410 lb

Dry Weight

2756 lb

The Ultimate Combined
Road and Track Weapon

The first production car born from Czinger’s proprietary production system, the 21C is created utilizing Human‑AI design, 3D printing technology, automated assembly and patented in-house developed materials


The 21C’s inline seating delivers the most unique layout and chassis architecture of any hypercar in the world

21C: World’s first
Human-Al Designed and 3D Printed Hypercar

Human-Al designed to be the ultimate combined road and track weapon
Sector leading downforce and effective power results in dominant track performance
Fastest production car in the world


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