Redefining Grand Touring
Luxury and Performance

The Hyper GT concept provides a preview of Czinger Vehicles’ design language for future models following the halo, 80-unit production run of the 21C. The Hyper GT redefines the coupe experience, allowing four adults to travel in luxury at speed, without sacrificing Czinger’s dominating performance metrics. Whether it’s a blast from London to Courchevel, a cruise from LA to Las Vegas or a trip from Dubai to the Abu Dhabi GP, the Hyper GT will get you there in style, and at pace.


3 sec

Hybrid powertrain

1250 hp


2.88 liter twin turbo V8


The front view creates a distinctive impression using technical lighting and aggressive proportions to communicate power and confidence, while the rear view mirrors the V Max’s sleek design language


The ultimate four passenger expression of Functional Art, the Hyper GT carries forward the unique design language of the Czinger brand

21C: About

Established in 2019 by Founder and CEO Kevin Czinger and Co-founder Lukas Czinger, Los Angeles‑based Czinger Vehicles is an industry‑disrupting performance vehicles brand pioneering a new era in the automotive space by fundamentally changing the way cars will be designed and manufactured for generations to come. Built around a core ethos of utilizing revolutionary, proprietary technology to create vehicles equipped with both dominating performance and iconic design, Czinger represents a radical transformation of the manufacturing sector and the future of human‑AI design within an environmentally sustainable system.


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